Back on the film wagon – Filming to commence soon.

So here we are, summer. A time where so much can happen in under 3-4 months, though it can fly by quickly.

Having met almost 24 hours ago, not only for a great big catch up over pizza and multitudes of coffee. The Fen Tiger team was discussing progress and alterations with not only other projects with colleagues, but with the debut short film ‘Rise & Shine’. A project the team have been dedicate too since 2016, where pre-production was in full swing.

The discussion came down to exploring the lead character’s life at home, that is the relationship with her parents. Initially starting the project in mind with a full family of a mother, father, and daughter. The issue quickly became apparent after the shoot in summer of 2017 as of who to cast as the parents, and of course their availability.

Having spoken to the executive producer, the option with more clarity was to drop one of the characters. Being attracted towards exploring a mother and daughter relationship, perhaps scrutinising the saying ‘no matter how hard you try, you’ll always end up like your mother’. Removing a full parent family unit, to a single parent family unit. Allowing more subtextual, and social commentary on how similar and dissimilar the mother and the protagonist are from one another. Played through interaction with other characters within the narrative, and individual emotional analysis. All of which will be investigated on set by the actors and the directors.

This, in hindsight, could create more of a harsh reality to this utopia. One that plays more to question the audience’s interpretation of the film, from that of the dreamy utopia to the dark malevolence of the real world. Also, an area we won’t elaborate on, for the sake of giving too much away.

The next step now is to cast the role of the mother, though there is an actor in mind. A self-tape, and a dummy script are to follow to see the actor’s diverse length in character but more importantly, emotional range.

Thereafter, calling back on the ever patient crew to get the gang back together for round 3 of filming ‘Rise & Shine’.


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