About Us

Starting back in 2016 as a collective of ideas, get togethers, and a whole lot of play. Fen Tiger was founded by Arthur Speak and Byron Dean. Having a lot of passion for watching, writing, and ultimately making films.

Over the last few years Fen Tiger has progressed, strengthened, and matured into a group of freelancers aiming to produce, film, and edit creative content for corporate, and creative thinking individuals.

Pursuing to giving a fresh spin to online content. Focusing on how informative, interactive and engaging video can be in providing attraction to a brand, collective, or individual.

Image in the digital age is important, though how you put stand-out content together is of upmost importance. As well as having a good time producing work full of passion and determination.

No matter where you are in making something, a business, an event, a team, we’ll help you out!