Fen Tiger Productions was founded by Arthur Speak and Byron Dean in 2016.

The company’s aims are simple,

1. Produce a variety of corporate video

Promoting, illustrating, and providing interesting to businesses looking for a particular style to their business media content.

2. Collaborating with unique creatives and individuals 

Providing an extra push for any project an individual has had success scripting, rehearsing, and casting. Whereby, requiring video services to bring their projects to a new plain field to gain audience attention.

Fen Tiger Creative Project Portfolio

That being said, Fen Tiger also uses its income to expose its artistic ventures into creating cinematic pieces. Using local and upcoming talent of; actors, writers, directors, and technical crew.
Fen Tiger is an independent platform, providing and aspiring for a variety of individuals to participate in an opportunity to make films. From documentary, to fictional short films. We love everything that is to do with film!