An archive of all our recent projects, from start to finish.

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‘Rise & Shine’ – Coming Soon

‘Rise & Shine’ is a short psychological thriller, the story encompasses a teenage girl Grace who lives what many would be an ordinary life. However, in her dreams, the question of fallacy and reality come into play. Whenever questioning those closest to her about the dreams, everyone falls apart. The question really stands as to whether or not Grace is living a dream or reality.

‘Banan’ (2018, Arthur Speak)

Another major film for Fen Tiger directed and written by none other than Arthur Speak. ‘Banan’ is a surreal comedy about a contract killer taking down individuals with his lethal weapon, the banana. However, days go by and Banan eventually has had enough. However, his employer thinks overwise.

Blue Milk (2018, Rory Farmer)

Assisting with production, also featuring Arthur and Byron in the film. ‘Blue Milk’ is a visionary and comedic piece of work from award-winning filmmaker Rory Farmer. Recently shaking up some attention overseas in the US, running for nomination as best ‘International short’, and winning ‘Best Mockumentary’ at the ‘Austin Comedy Short Film Festival’. With the addition of best comedy short at the Carmarthen Bay Short Film Festival. ‘Blue Milk’ explores themes of identity and friendship. Through a documentary crew, we follow a disgruntled travel agent, Joe. Following him through his experiences of gaining the superhuman ability to turn things blue. Joe gives up his day job and becomes a full-time superhero.

‘Grievance’ (2016, Arthur Speak)

The debut film to define Fen Tiger’s legacy forever. Taking inspiration for the 2016 Rio Olympic games. ‘Grievance’ explores a young boy who has the opportunity to compete in the games. However, struggling between the choice of training or losing his friends. Only ends with devastating consequences.