Films To Watch

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The Sunflower and The Egg (2019)

Collaborating with dance theatre group, Vice Versa. Fen Tiger assisted production of creating an experimental short film for their production, ‘The Sunflower and the Egg’.

With original text from poet Jack Bateman, Jodie Sully and Jenna Unwin, the film also includes performances from Amalia Williams and dancer Evelyn Hart.

Thespian (2019)

This experimental short by Byron Dean, as part of his undergraduate degree, explores the existential use of breaking the fourth wall.

The film encompasses the life of a young actor. Trapped in an existential turmoil between that of his creativity, juxtaposed by his reality of constant failure. All bulging together into a spontaneous crisscross of jump cuts, scene changes, and flowing camerawork.

Banan (2018)

Another quick short, in succession of the summer of 2018, Fen Tiger immersed themselves within the elements of the surreal. Spanning far and wide through the genre of comedy. Where which within Arthur Speak gave creative life to the comic short of ‘Banan’.

Where in a world in which all fruit are as deadly as a Snub nose 47. One man goes from being a deadly gangster to a world renowned chef.

Routine Abandon (2018)

This short documentary explores a group of sixth form students taking part in an extended project qualification. The aim of the project is to explore creating, or devising theatre from nothing. With the only title to go on, ‘Bibliotheque’. What is the actual performance about?